Book 1 The early years

Part 1: The problem
Part 2: Kri-Kri
Part 3: A sign from the Gods
Part 4: The man who would be King
Part 5: The settlement
Part 6: The bull
Part 7: Pasiphaë on men
Part 8: Time to leave
Part 9: The new King
Part 10: After the party
Part 11: Work to be done
Part 12: Europe
Part 13: The hunt for the bull
Part 14: Daedalus
Part 15: The case of the unfaithful husband
Part 16: Family ties
Part 17: Meeting with Zeus
Part 18: Europe's wedding gifts
Part 19: The death of Katreus
Part 20: The bull is captured
Part 21: The laws

Book 2 Fate

Part 22: Daedalus on the Phaistos disk
Part 23: Pasiphaë and the bull
Part 24: The beauty contest of the Goddesses
Part 25: The colonies
Part 26: Daedalus and the mechanical cow
Part 27: The revenge of Poseidon
Part 28: Minotaur
Part 29: Intermezzo
Part 30: Idomeneus returns
Part 31: The castaway
Part 32: The bard
Part 33: The Games
Part 34: The horse races
Part 35: The athletics games
Part 36: Theseus and Minotaur
Part 37: Ariadne on Dia
Part 38: War on Attica
Part 39: Daedalus and Ikarus
Part 40: Minos on Sicily
Part 41: The judges in the underworld
Part 42: Ariadne and Dionysus

Notes by the author (arranged per part)

Epilogue by the editor