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Amorous Ariane

This book - Amorous Ariane - is for sale through the regular channels of the bookstore. The eBook is also available in Kindle edition from Amazon, as well as the English paperback versions, in full colour edition or in black and white (which is much cheaper!).

The book includes 250 pages, just under 60,000 words, including 40 images, mostly of appropriate artwork, a preface, author's notes and an epilogue by the editor.

The ISBN number of the English, black and white edition, is 979-86464088-8-5 (paperback, approx. 22.8 x 15.2 cm, spine approx. 16 mm). The e-book has no ISBN number.

The paperback edition (English, full colour) can be ordered through

The eBook can be ordered for only € 8,99 through

Do you wish to order the book (in Dutch paperback edition) directly from the author? That is possible! Advantages: no delivery costs; a hand written personal word of recommendation by the author on page 7 (as specified by yourself; max. approx. 10 words); and: you support your author with this! Disadvantage: you don't have a legal reflexion period (normally 14 days) to return the book, because with the hand written recommendation the order becomes personalized.

Do you want to order directly from the author, then please send an e-mail to with your wishes. We will respond as soon as possible! Thanks!

Thanks in advance for your order!