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Ariadne of Europe

This book - Ariadne of Europe - is for sale in the English version through Amazon. The Dutch version is for sale through the menu 'Shop' above.

I am still looking for a literary agent. Until I find one, the English version is only available through Amazon.

The English version is not for sale on this site.

The book is 250 pages, appr. 58.380 words, and includes 40 picture of appropriate works of art. In the English version, these are reproduced in black and white (due to high printing costs for full colour).

The ISBN number of the English, black and white edition, is 979-85-532261-5-2 (paperback, approx. 22.8 x 15.2 cm, spine approx. 16 mm). The e-book has no ISBN number.

Thanks in advance for your order!