Book 2: Fate

Herbert James Draper (1864-1920), The Wrath of the Sea God
(oil paint on canvas, appr. 1900)

Poseidon helped Ariadne to make her father Minos King of Crete. Poseidon, however, is an evil and rancorous God, who is only too happy to assert himself and teach people a lesson if something does not suit him. When Minos decides not to make Poseidon the special sacrifice the sea God is waiting for, the consequences are serious for Crete and its inhabitants.

The nearby island of Thera is completely destroyed by the vengeful sea God as a result of a volcanic eruption. Crete is severely affected by the tsunami caused by this, but with utmost effort and good cooperation between Minos and his sons and daughters, the country is rebuilt in full glory.

In the meantime, the Trojan War has ended and several leaders of the Achaean coalition that has fought the Trojans return home. Similarly, cousin Idomeneus, who, however, seriously misbehaves on his return to Crete and is banished by his grandfather.

Ariadne regularly goes out with the God of Wine, Dionysus. But there is competition, in the person of the Attic prince Theseus. Who will conquer Ariadne's heart?

Ariadne meets a mysterious stranger on the beach at Timpaki, who claims to have been shipwrecked on returning from the Trojan War. Ariadne invites the war veteran to the palace of Phaistos.

Minos' son Androgeus organizes Games in Knossos, in which many Kings and princes participate. The Games have a dramatic course and afterwards disaster strikes in full force.